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Tri kingdom midreighn

we went for a day and lo and behold there was Turn Out!

Lots of folks we haven't seen in the proverbial dogs age. It was warm and humid (but not the hell hot we'll get later in the year) The big battle game had the expected time delays (but a lot few injuries, which is good) but folks seemed to have fun, and clearly had fun after griping about how things got "screwed" lot of smiles and laughter even with flying insults involved.

Olympiad was a bit disappointing (very few competitors)and a low entry count, what was there was middling to good with a side of "now why did they do THAT?"

our beloved monarchs are sneaky bastages and while I heartily approve of Voltar getting called up and slapped with paperwork (service award number 9) I have mixed feeling on my arts award.

Spring War is coming....

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Amtgard and idiots

Went to World Banner Wars (Dallas-Fort Worth area) was an okay event. Mostly in the small fact that it didn't rain like mad all weekend. It made for a dusty event, but not having to call a tow truck twenty mumble times to get folks out of the parking area is a good thing.

The idiots are the tree services who are having a complete failure to understand we RENT and aren't supposed to do any tree work as per our rental contract. We touch a tree branch with a saw or let anyone else do so we are in breach of our contract.

Or what part of NO are you door knocking nitwits failing to understand?

Celestial Kingdom Quals is this weekend, and my folks are supposed to be in town. I really don't know if I want to go to Quals or not.
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I'm still alive

busy stressed and slightly wierded out but still alive

six month update, we are renting a house but WILL move again in December.

for why:
5 months for thumb-latch locks (required by law)
3 days for a hot water heater (after five months of limping function is quite on a Monday night)
3 "owners" fighting over who gets out rent money
3 property management companies
no ability to leave required notices of "we've been in the house to fix "X" just so you know)
no notice that they were coming Before showing up.

I think that covers it. We don't want to deal with these folks again if we can help it.

For work, they changed managers and I became number nine to walk (according to someone still there three more have put in hard notice of the "I'm leaving in X days") something about come in at seven in the morning leave at seven at night but we only want to pay for 8 hours a day, and, oh yeah we want you to GIVE us 8 hours Saturday and Sunday too.

erm.. no.

Better news, Lance is working (as in we can live on just what he makes)and looking at moving to a better paying job... maybe if the agency can figure out that they are getting paid to PLACE someone not paid to dither. I'm still looking at finding part time work though.

In Amtgard news, we did a demo at a movie theater with eight people the first night and five the second. The theater was happy and it was fun, but no new people to play with.

Other news I'm looking at graduate school. In business and accounting. Be afraid, be very afriad. A head shrinking bean counter.... but we're still hunting options here. FAFSA here I come, here's hoping they will hand over money for school.

At least I can sew more. I'm sewing a wedding dress at the moment and have piles of glass and stone beads to go on it once I'm done with the basics of the dress itself. I'll be almost halfway done with the plain sewing once I get this side seam fine finished... After that a tunic for Shawn and the finishing of the hem decoration of an Archon surcoat for me. Lance is tired of me borrowing his, and I need one for the Gathering of the Clans.

This weekend we are doing a mid-reign bash for Nocturnis and I have to get off my butt and finish the handout for the pants class I offered to teach. I suspect it'll just be the "lecture" part not a practical sewing part, I can hope though.

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We thought our lease was up the 30th of December.

We were wrong isn't up the 20th, never mind we signed the lease the 31st last December.

If we stay (and we hadn't planned on it) rent jumps over $300 a month if we just want to not move right before Christmas its $1750 for another month

erm. NO.

we're house hunting a bigger place to rent.

with an much overtime as I've been pulling (and as dark as it gets a 6pm) hunting a new place to live has been a bit problematic. Hard to hunt on weekends when you are Working weekends.

Thanksgiving weekend though I have off so maybe we'll find something.

In better news the Amtgard park we started is doing fairly well, we had 11 people and are making plans for a Mid-reign in December right when we HAVE to move) but several folks have offered themselves and their trucks to help that morning. So I may be dreading it for no good reason.

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Amtard, Craftster and Work...

we started a new park in Cedar Park TX.

So far it's going fairly well. Week 1 had 10 people, week 2 had 8 (two of which had never played before) week three we went to an event and had 6 folks signed is as "ours".

One of those got knighted.

If folks are curious (or have played before and want to "raid") we have a website.

For craftster stuff I finally got some sewing time and got my box for the second round of the Japanese swap worked on. The bag needs snaps and beaded butterflies sewn on and it's complete. For the rest I've been cadging through other projects where I had some extras. so far so good.

Work is busy (title company, sole copy clerk supporting 40 odd folks.. go figure) but not nasty. I really like the folks I work with. Better yet when I get utterly swamped they *help*. Puts them a TON above other places I've worked.

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humor of the ironic sort

I'm job hunting, sending off resumes and interviewing.

Well I've been noticing a number of places that I've resume-d and interviewed are calling for people again. Less than a week after "filling" the position they are having to fill it again.

A couple of them I've resume-d again, it'll be amusing to see if they interview again. A couple I haven't but that's because of the hinkey feeling I got with interview #1 (or the "we'll pay $9 an hour but you have to be on call 24/7 and deal with screaming abuse from clients and vendors all shift. No you can't hang up no matter how out of line they get.")

In social news went to an Amtgard event (Wetlands [which is the Houston/Beaumont/Bryan triangle of south Texas] Piratical Sabbatical II and Olympiad) I saw people who ten years ago had quit (and where NEVER coming back. Never has a short shelf life I've noticed) I saw good fighting, Idiots that needed taken off the field and idiots who needed sat down and fed water before they passed out (heat indexes were up into the 120's) On the artistic side I saw anything robe like called a kimono (none of them were) inappropriate use of brocade (don't ask) a pillow re-entered 10+ years after it caused a controversy in an Olympiad, good armor, better armor and a monitor lizard in armor (he looked really cool and apparently felt his armour was a "rock" he could hide under)

Other than the stinking heat Lance and I had a lot of fun. Next event is Banner Wars (Emerald Hills, which is the Dallas area) in October.
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is an utter addiction.

Normally I do gift exchange/ swaps with other SCA'ers or other Amtgarders. People I know, at least in passing and now that I have shared interests with.

The craftster swaps are shared interests, sort of anyway. I don't sign up for anything I'm not interested in, it's just odd that otherwise I don't know anything about the people I'm swapping *with*.

It's changing a bit the longer time goes on and I get some of the same folks again, which is neat but none of them live remotely near me so becoming friends in person is out of the question right now.

I wonder if they'd shake their heads at the history geek, boggle at the garb closet or try and murder me for my book collection. Well murder or do a quick walk away S L O W L Y from the book fiend thing.

Good as the making new friends front has been the getting a job one is still not so good. There are just way to many admin geeks in Austin looking for work. At least here I'm not loosing out on jobs to people who can't read, write or *speak* English, I'm getting beaten out by competent people. I wouldn't have thought I would find that comforting but I do.

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erm.. yeah.

been busy these last two weeks

Pouches and bird pincushions.. five and one down four to go.

mailing info to ship to Canada. done (customs forms are odd)

photo-shop classes two days down four to go.

visit to the clinic done, and for under $200, but have to go back...

three interviews.. done, we'll wait and see.

twenty mumble letters of interest/resumes sent out.

responses 2. form e-mail thank you for your interest jabber.

trip out of town to visit In-laws, check

Celestial Kingdom quals? Ha, was out of town.

Amtgard practice, see above... maybe next week.

Guild meeting.. got there, have to hit storage to pull garb for a demonstration before next months meeting.

Shibori class.. ACK! have to get a length of pvc to use as a twisty base for turning a yard of silk fifty different colors.

The non stop sewing, classes, dressing up to get told "no thanks" is getting old... only a couple weeks of class left though.

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oh lovely...

we had some much needed rain this past weekend. Now I look at the tube and find our desperatly needed sky water is drowning Dallas, LITERALLY.

Makes me want to yell "hey up there, send it back if you're gonna go flooding folks."


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